Saturday, March 1, 2008

Wheat grass stain!

Well, today I was getting ready to run errands while also hurrying to get my daily intake of wheatgrass juice. I went to take a drink (a little to quickly) and spilled it all over my off-white tank and my bright orange pull-over. Bam..... green all over. I proceeded to rip off my clothing and began a long process of rinsing with warm water and scrubbing it with soap. I eventually got it out, but it sure took forever. The ironic thing is that when you read about it, a lot of people claim that Wheat grass is a "stain-REMOVER"! (It might be more for sinks and dishes and such.) Thought it was kind of funny. Guess it wouldn't have been so funny if i hadn't of been able to get the stains out.