Wednesday, March 5, 2008

Wheatgrass an amazing healer.

I just have to say I have become one of the biggest fans of wheat grass. We hear all these things wheat grass can do, and some people don't believe it until they've seen it proven. Well I have two personal stories to share to those people who might need a little convincing.


Yesterday the roof of my mouth started to swell up, and it was tender. I've had it happen before and every time it's always lasted several days before it went away. I've tried a few things before but never really anything has worked, and I've just had to bare with it for the next several days. Well I didn't want to have to go through this week with tenderness. I had remembered that I had read that wheat grass helps alleviate toothaches because the wheat grass pulls out the toxins from the gums. So I thought, "Hey if it can work for a toothache surely it can work for swollen gums" so I snipped off some wheat grass and chewed it, I then made a little patch to put on the gum area and just kept it there that evening. Well, within a few hours I noticed my gums didn't feel as puffy and I said to my husband "Hey I think it's working!".
Well I woke up this morning...... NO swollen gums!!! This is a first! I've never eliminated this problem that fast before. Wow! is all I can say.

Ok Story#2:

This is more of a ""personal"" story, yet a great miracle has occurred so I must share! About 2 years ago I realized there was a problem with the "lower area" of my body. Inside the vaginal area against one side of the wall, there was a spot that was the most tender and painful area. If touched at all it would turn bright red and It gave me excruciating pain. I can't tell you the pain I felt. Not only was it physically painful but emotionally draining. We went to see if the doctor could identify the problem. She took samples and came back saying that is was a Bacterial infection. We were very concerned about it being cancer, so this was a "little" relieving. But she still wasn't sure what it was. When she touched it it would turn bright red. Tears would come to my eyes because of the pain from a very light touch even. She couldn't determine what it was. So she put my on a antibiotic that I had to shoot up there, even that hurt! We went back to be tested. The results...... NOTHING... it didn't kill any of the percentage of bacteria. She said my next option would be to take a full spectrum antibiotic. But that was the only thing her and the other doctors who came to inspect could figure out to do.
Well a full spectrum antibiotic was not something I wanted to mess around with. When I was young, i had been put on one for an abscessed tooth, and it had done damage to my kidneys.
I wanted to know if there was something "Natural" I could do to get rid of this bacterial infection.

I had my mother muscle test me, and after testing for different things, we came to the conclusion to douche with Hydrogen peroxide (diluted in water) about 5 Tablespoons to 2/3 bag water. (I was really shocked) by the answer. But well I went on to try the douching. We kept testing and the infection was going down! After just a few months I had gotten it up to 99% gone! However there was still 1%. I kept doing the douching for a few more months and nothing,... it stayed forever at 99%. Most of all the pain was gone so i figured I'd be fine. I quite douching. After another month or so I started to get some of the pain back. I tested again and the bacteria had regrown again drastically. I knew I had to get rid of it 100%. So I proceeded to douche again and within a few weeks had it back up to 99% gone. Still the that 1% would not leave. This would be a forever problem if something was not done. I had my mom muscle test again, and this time we wanted to determine what it was exactly so we could know how to best get rid of it. We came to a result that it wasn't just a bacterial infection, but that it was a "Parasitic bacterial infection". So I decided to go on Black walnut, wormwood and cloves (and a few other ingredients). After a few months we tested and still it was only 99%. I felt like I needed something to hit it directly and strong. I prayed to God that he would help me find the answers I needed so that I could be healed. I hadn't started on wheat grass then, but I started hearing about "Wheat grass" it just seemed like little conversations with random people would come up with that as the topic. I didn't really pay much attention. Only now, I look back and realize how much it was brought up! Then one day as I was doing some work on the computer I was kind of taking a break and all of the sudden this idea came to "Google" wheat grass. (Weird, I thought) I think God was trying to hit some since into me since I wasn't paying attention earlier.

I googled wheat grass, thought it was odd that I was, and I cam across this website that listed 40 benefits of wheat grass. I thought it might be kind of interesting to read, so as I was reading along, thinking it was all good stuff, that it hit me like a brick, the answer was in front of me, in type. It said: (#20) "successfully treat inflammation of the uterine cervix, get rid of parasitic vaginal infections, ............" I had not come across that answer anywhere before. I had found things on vaginal infections, bacteria, but never "parasitic vaginal infections". I was amazed. I told my husband about it and invested in a wheat grass machine and some wheat grass. I muscle tested that I should start of douching 1 teaspoon to 2/3 water I then increased it a little more afterwards. I began that week. After 1 week I decided that I would test to see if it was gone. Maybe it was strong enough, maybe I still needed more time. But I wanted to try. Result 100% gone!!!! As of this past Sunday! Imagine my happiness after almost two years of this problem I've dealt with, *emotional and physically draining! ...... and now it is 100% gone!!! I am ecstatic. I thank God that he had given me the answer and that he has creating something with such healing power. Something so simple we all can take for granted! Thank you God for the miracle of healing!